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Why tooth removal?

Unfortunately, there may be times when the damage or decay of a tooth is too great and it cannot be saved. In this case, the best option is tooth removal. Removing the tooth prevents the decayed tooth from causing any further damage to the gums or surrounding teeth. We will only use tooth extraction as a last resort.

Your dentist will always discuss your options with removal and your options to replace to tooth after removal before receiving your consent to remove your tooth. During the procedure, we will keep you informed of progress if you wish. We aim to make you as comfortable as possible throughout.

The process of tooth removal

We use a local anaesthetic to numb the area as gently as we can before we remove the tooth. Sometimes they come out in one, sometimes in sections. Whichever will be the least traumatic for your teeth and gums.
Afterwards, we will talk you through the use of painkillers and what to do for the next few days in terms of tooth extraction aftercare and any extra oral care which may help.