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What are dental implants?

Well, to put it simply, dental implants are a replacement for your natural tooth. If you have lost teeth due to an accident or disease then implants can be a great permanent alternative to dentures or crowns, to help restore your natural smile.

Before treatment
Patient Example Before Dental Implant Treatment

After treatment
Patient example after dental implant treatment

How does dental implant treatment work?

We start out with a consultation with Dr Phil Bennett, our implant dentist. A titanium screw is attached to your jawbone, to which we’ll fix a dental crown or denture. An implant is as secure as a normal tooth. Dr Bennett will match the tooth being replaced by colour, shape and size, making sure it’s as closely matched to your natural teeth as possible.

At Forward Dental, we use the highest quality surgical grade titanium and zirconium – which research shows are the best implant materials as they are strong yet light and very long-lasting. With proper care, our implants can mean your smile lasts for years.

Our dental Implantology

The arrival of our dental implant specialists Dr Phil Bennett and Damaris Santander at Forward Dental means we can offer you access to an expert in implant dentistry. The UK’s first European dental implants expert* Dr Bennett is one of the best in his field and has many years of experience in implantology. As well as performing over 5,000 implants, he ran the teaching course for the biggest implant manufacturer for many years and still lectures nationally and internationally.

*Awarded by the European Dental Association

Dental implants at Forward Dental Care?

If you are concerned about missing teeth or looking for a long-term alternative to dentures, then a dental implant could be the safest and most natural-looking solution. We understand that losing teeth can affect more than just your appearance, it can affect the way that you speak, eat and your general confidence. We can help you to look and feel better for longer with our dental implants. We can offer a consultation to discuss this, please call 01935 824061 to reserve an appointment. Alternatively, fill in the online form found under the contact us section.