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Dentistry is a highly individual service. We aim to make you fully informed, so you can make decisions that work for you and your long-term dental and general health. We will always give you a quote for any treatment and advise you immediately of any changes that may arise, but we reserve the right to change fees if needed throughout the year.

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Preventative care

New patient assessment
Routine consultation
Digital small x-ray
Digital large x-ray
Digital CT scan (3D x-ray)

Gum care

Guided Biofilm Therapy
Extended Guided Biofilm Therapy
Periodontal Therapy
From £370


Silver fillings
From £124
Tooth coloured fillings
From £157

Advance dentistry

Root canal therapy
From £630
Crowns/bridge work
From £860
From £3800

Rapid Rescue

Rapid rescue

Weekend emergency call-out

Includes assessment only; x-rays and treatment carried out during the call-out appointment will incur individual fees

Facial Aesthetics

1st Area
2nd Area
3rd Area


New client consultation
Check-up 0-4 years
Check-up 5-10 years
Check-up 11-15 years
Fluoride application
Digital small x-ray
Digital large x-ray
AirFlow hygiene
From £115
Non AirFlow hygiene
From £90
Tooth coloured fillings
From £54
Extraction (uncomplicated)
From £77
Extraction (complicated)
From £360
Root Canal Therapy
From £630