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What are fillings?

Our teeth can crack, decay or deteriorate over time. We are all living longer after all! When this happens, your dentist may suggest as one option a filling. Made of the best composite material fillings are tooth coloured and are made of composite materials. They are virtually invisible. When placed correctly they are long-lasting and add strength back into the tooth. Rarely we may provide the older silver fillings, usually at a client’s request or if the situation is just unsuitable for a tooth-coloured filling.

During the fillings process

We always offer local anaesthetic before a filling, most people prefer this, some do not, it’s up to you. If you need a breather or just need to chat, all you must do is give us a wave.

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Dentist Discussing Dental Filling Colour Options

White fillings

The search for a suitable alternative to silver fillings has been evolving for 20 years or more. Early white materials were very technique sensitive, difficult to place, and had a shorter lifespan than amalgam and are now the material of choice. Over the years, the materials have become much better and now provide an excellent solution.

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Dentist Demonstrating Brushing To Patient

Silver fillings

As a material for fillings, amalgam as it is called is relatively easy to place, long lasting and strong. However, it is silver in colour and it is an alloy of mercury. There is limited evidence for any general health concerns but we all want to reduce its use. It can be the best material to use for challenging fillings when a crown is not suitable. We can use special glue to stick these fillings to the tooth and this greatly increases its strength.

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