The Airflow®

Airflow® machine in forward dental practice

At Forward Dental Care, we offer numerous hygiene treatments to our patients to ensure healthy mouths. To tackle plaque, Forward uses the Airflow® MAX by EMS Dental as part of the hygiene treatment.

What is Airflow®

An Airflow® MAX is a piece of equipment that the clinical team use to remove plaque during GBT treatments. GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) is a minimally invasive and detailed procedure that removes plaque from the teeth using gentle air jets.

During your GBT treatment, your dentist will use an organic dye on your teeth to show your dentist where the plaque is and where it is most condensed; then, the Airflow® will be used with Erythitrol powder to remove the plaque.

This treatment is not painful and doesn’t involve using anaesthetic, so you can continue your day after receiving it. It is known to be very comfortable for patients due to the temperature of the water and the regulation of vibrations.

Benefits of the treatment

There are many benefits to receiving GBT, such as the guarantee of the complete removal of plaque and calculus, which will improve your oral health. GBT is a preventative measure; it can help avoid cavities and prevent gum disease. If you already have gum disease, then GBT can halt the progression. Additionally, this treatment can better your overall health as the bacteria from plaque can affect your entire body.

At Forward Dental, we understand that going to the dentist can be anxiety-inducing, and we do our best to alleviate the worries of our patients. Surveys reveal that 53% of the UK population have dentist-related anxiety, which leads to patients not visiting the dentist as often as they should. We want to highlight that the use of Airflow® during GBT is entirely pain-free, but if you’re still worried, our dentists are more than happy to discuss the procedure and your concerns.

If you want to learn more about the Airflow® or wish to book an appointment for GBT, contact us to take the next step in your oral health journey!