Recruiting Locum Dental Nurses

The newly founded business Forward Locums is looking to expand and recruit a bigger team of locum dental nurses. Established in 2020 by Chris Brann, the director of the sister company Forward Dental Care, Forward Locums was created to offer locum dental nurses further resources and support than they receive while being self-employed and show how much the industry values locums.

Forward Locums intends to offer locum nurses a combination of their current benefits and the perks of zero-hour contract employment. As a locum, work is flexible and has a lot of variety with the added ability to conduct one’s networking and gain future opportunities; with Forward Locums, you will continue receiving these benefits but with the extra benefits associated with being employed.

By being employed, you can expect paid holiday, sick leave, pension and health insurance, but Forward Locums especially wants to provide a sense of workplace integration. Forward Locums’ support is the same that nurses working for a practice have: a knowledgeable team behind you, access to multiple forms of education, and in-house support in the form of regular team meetings and social gatherings. At Forward Locums, it is vital that locums feel supported and valued, and the benefits listed above are how we intend to do that.

As an employed locum at Forward Locums, you will be offered a starting salary of £17/hour; this price can be increased should you have an additional qualification, such as implantology or sedation if requested by a practice. As an individual nurse, you will still need to pay your GDC retention fee, but we believe that the pay we are offering will compensate for the price of the fee.

Additionally, dental nurses are able to pay into the Nest pension scheme, so you can feel secure in your future.

Finally, we know that locum nurses are constantly travelling, so we are offering to pay any travel expenses for journeys that are a 50-mile round trip from your home, and parking costs are included.

If you’re interested in learning more about anything mentioned above or want to apply for a position with Forward Locum, please contact us at [email protected] or call 01935 314680.