Help us improve preventative oral health across the UK

focus group for oral health in the uk

Back in November 2023, Haleon (formerly GSK) and the College of General Dentistry launched the Dental Health Barometer, a project created to help understand the role that preventative oral healthcare plays in routine dental visits across the UK. The project kicked off with a research survey of dental health professionals and consumers, with one of the key findings from the survey being that there’s a gap between the intervention of oral health professionals to provide preventive oral care and the delivery of such care.

The majority of professionals and the public acknowledged the crucial importance of preventive healthcare, but both audiences saw a great deal of room for improvement in the actual provision of advice. Now, the College is working with Haleon to help close the gap – which is where you come in.

On the 5th of March 2024 at 6:30 pm, we’re hosting a focus group to bring together dental professionals and discuss potential recommendations that Haleon, the College and others can deliver to improve oral health across the UK.

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